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I have just come here.

Shean looked at Stanley and smiled.

Maureen stayed overnight in Boston.


I don't like the idea, but we'll have to let him choose his team.

You know why.

To help others is to help yourself.

She did nothing but grieve over her husband's death.

I'm sorry, but I don't feel like going out today.

He ran for Governor of the state four years ago.

I didn't drink too much.

Please don't tell anyone where I am.

I'm impatient for spring to arrive.

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Torsten has good sense.

You've been in contact with Kimberly, haven't you?

I ran into Yvonne at a conference three weeks ago.


Gerard told me that he didn't want to go with us.

Memorising the cards in a deck in order is certainly a difficult task, but manageable.

"Where is my watch?" "It's in your drawer."

I am a Democrat.

I can tell you've gone to a lot of trouble.

I talked Ofer into doing it for me.

Let's contribute to this project.

She believes her boyfriend is innocent.

Not all of them are happy.

Why wasn't Lindsay here yesterday?

We should tell everyone what happened.

Are you going home by bus?

You will find the shop between a bank and a school.


They won't listen to you.

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I think you ought to get a little sleep.

Suzanne is a high school principal.

I didn't go to the market.

I had to take Gregory to the hospital.

How much time does Miltos have?

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Lea doesn't speak French very well.


I have something good to tell you.

She photographed the house.

Do you sell any guidebooks written in French?

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It doesn't matter when you come.

I'm just talking to my friends.

I'll get through the work in an hour.

A woman is never as beautiful as she used to be.

The police have hauled in a suspect for questioning.

The discussion the villagers had on the environment was quite lively.

Hui's in Travis's good books at the moment.

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Call them immediately.


An automobile has four wheels.


Leung's not quite sure of that one.

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All in all, Murray's had a good year, both work-wise and family-wise.


The hedgehog rolled up into a ball.

Spring is here.

Unusually warm weather caused problems for the apple harvest.

The third and most important idea is that of reentry.

What's your favorite opera?

I wish I could get Glen to help us.

I nearly choked on a fishbone.

This is a very sophisticated device.

I thought we were talking about Claire.


This is what I've always wanted.

Joachim isn't going to listen to me.

I think I've understood everything you said.

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I think it was an accident.

How are you, Mrs. Jones?

I am your twin.


Blayne ran toward the door.

Price didn't send me any letters.

Is it going to rain?

I'll unload the car.

I'm always happy when I get email from you.

His mind was filled with happy thoughts.

What will we do when she finds us?


I've already given Pitawas a present.


He won't listen. I might as well talk to a brick wall.


He said only stupid things.

Ron prided herself on her beauty.

I am eating a sandwich.

Every time you go out with him, it seems to rain. So we call him the rain man.

You can't be certain of that.


Roman will be arriving soon.


The man left the restaurant without paying his bill.


The waiter did his best to please the customers.

They made fun of her because she had a funny hat on.

Are you sure this'll work?

Man has an instinctive tendency to speak as we see in the babble of our young children while no child has an instinctive tendency to bake, brew or write.

It was everything she hoped for.

He understands her problems more or less.

The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace.

I want a 7 layered burrito from Taco Bell.

I have fibroid tumours. Is there a way to stop them getting large?

No has decided not to get a haircut until spring.

The teacher said we had to learn all these expressions by heart.

I didn't get much sleep last night so I was nodding off all day at work.

None of them have a job.

She abandoned her children.

Psychokinesis or telekinesis is the ability to affect objects without physically interacting with them.


I am going to the post office to buy stamps.


I advised him against smoking.


One of the youngsters screamed.

Let me get my coat.

That was written by Taro Akagawa.

Sirius has an elliptical orbit.

Hunter said nothing about Nils.

You can come together.

They thought McKinley was wrong to take the Philippines.

Please don't interrupt me, Ernest.

That's what works.

No one won the game. It was a draw.

That's what I was hoping you could tell me.

I was overconfident.

I value our friendship.


I don't think he's playing with a full deck.

Hy looks unimpressed.

Please tell me what will be coming next week.

Raising a child costs a fortune.

Shyam messed with the wrong guy.

Read me your speech.

I want to buy a word processor.

I guess that's what I'll do.

You have to do your job.

I'm going to give them to you.

How much money do you spend on textbooks per semester?

A good tree can't bear bad fruits.

I told you I would help.


These cameras are made in Japan.

The party was held on May 22.

People called for an immediate invasion of Cuba.

I have no idea where Phill was last night.

What are you doing up this late?

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I have a simple solution.


This table is fine except in one respect - it will not fit into my room.

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Many Peruvians have the habit of chewing coca leaves.

Is that already cooked?

Kevan is still angry with you.

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Grammar Nazis must die!

Tandy seems to be very rich.

Can't you just be nice to each other?

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Hello, this is Dr Yamada's surgery.

Johnathan demanded that we leave at once.

It isn't all it's cracked up to be.


While we were busy, 2 hours passed again.

Getting up late, I missed the bus.

Christophe asked Pierre to buy a case of beer.

I'm not satisfied with your explanation.

She sneaked into the room.

This right must be protected at all costs.

Men fight with iron for gold.

He is always willing to help others.

Children are our shift, our future, the continuation of the people's life.

He has been gaining weight.

A great number of accidents happen every year.

Did you remember that you were supposed to buy candles?

This store hasn't raised prices in years.

Teresa doesn't want to admit that he has a drinking problem.

Everyone knew that.

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That doesn't make much sense.

This would be a terrible tragedy.

I want more information.

He shooed the flies away.

We're frantic.


Why are you reading this novel?


We're not going anywhere with this, are we.

I hope Lowell is happy.

He turned to the right instead of turning to the left.